When we were babies, life was easy.  If we were hungry, we cried.  And someone fed us.  If we were lonely, we cried.  And someone held us.  If we were dirty, we cried.  And someone changed us. Now that we’re grown, things are different.  But sometimes we get into ruts, and get stuck following our very first pattern.  The question is:Are you, right now, sitting in a dirty diaper, crying for someone to change you?

Well, you need to change your own diapers now, pilgrim.

We should be grateful when we can even recognize that we need a change.

Sometimes we are in denial, and refuse to acknowledge that we’re unhappy.  When that happens, we’ve been stewing in a dirty dipey so long that we’ve gotten used to the smell, even though everyone else is walking by holding their nose.

We know, change is tough.

But so are you!  Strength is not something you have a lot or a little of.  Instead, strength is something you do.  Every day is a new chance to show strength.  Show a lot of strength, and you’re very strong that day.  Make a habit of it, and guess what?  You’re very strong.

We know, change takes hard work.

But you’re a hard worker!  Somewhere along the line, people started adopting the idea that if you’re working hard, you’re a sucker.  That true success is easy and breezy.  I promise you, the vast majority of happy, successful people worked very hard to get where they are.  The remaining lucky few are just very, very lucky and should be shot.

We know, change is uncertain.  But so are you!  Wait.  Crap.

Well, I guess you ARE uncertain.  Welcome to life as an imperfect being.

Spot a desirable landmark in the distance, and take little steps toward it.  You don’t need to map out the whole route.  Many times, it’s beyond us to do that.  Just make sure you’re taking steps that bring you in the general direction you need to go.  And keep your eyes peeled for better trails.  If you get stuck, reverse and find another way.

After all, life is, in the words of Will Meyerhofer, “A brief opportunity for joy.”  Don’t squander it.

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