Killer designs, not killer bills

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, not a pretty circle.” – Goliath Graffix
Our graphic design process is simple and streamlined. We aren’t interested in wasteful meetings and pointlessly formal presentations. We suspect big firms deliver these things in part just to justify the expense of hiring them. We want to interact directly with you, without interference.

We are focused on delivering on our promises, not looking busy to our clients.

Old-school professionalism

We won’t waste your time jumping through silly hoops to try and convince you that you are getting good value. We rely on the designs to do that themselves. We think our grandfathers would actually have a laugh at how much time is spent in the attempt to make it look like things are getting done nowadays. We’re listening to their spirits and putting our time into the work itself instead.

We will, of course, meet with you as necessary (especially if we like you). A true design professional, however, can get a sense of what you need without having to waste anybodies’ time.

We’re on our game – we know what you need even if you don’t.

Our process is like basketball

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

1. The team comes together
During our first meeting or call with your team, we are like a free agent looking to fit in. We might ask a lot of questions, but we need to meld with your company as closely as possible. We want to know what you’re all about. (On one occasion, our founder even climbed into a Baby Bjorn worn by a client just to observe a typical day from the client’s perspective.) It’s all part of getting to know you. We’ll check out your old materials and strategies and discuss what worked, and what didn’t. We will also have a look at your competition so that we can effectively plot their demise.

This is also your time to figure out if we are a good fit for you. We should say up front – we have been quite promiscuous – we have had hundreds of clients and have been in business for more than a decade. The good news is that we have fantastic experience and can deliver exactly what you need.

Whether you need a smooth shooter, a dribbling machine that can distribute the ball, or a presence in the paint, we can adapt to the role and help your team dominate the competition.

2. We practice together and experiment with plays
Once we know who you are and who your audience is, we dream up the best ways to communicate with them. We will listen to your feedback, and refine our ideas. We don’t leave this phase until the design is crisp, focused, and communicates the perfect message.

Think of a team drawing up and running plays until they find one that is virtually unstoppable. Together, we will find a play that leaves the competition stumped.

3. Game time. Put me in, coach!
Once the designs and strategies are agreed, we will begin putting them in place. Websites will take shape out of raw code. Blank pages will become startling poster ads. A beautiful image makeover waits to be unveiled.

The competition is tough, but you’ve been able to keep the score close. You’re playing a solid game, but you need fresh legs on the court. It’s time to put us in the game and see what your new player is made of.

4. The clock winds down. Time to win this thing.
Once everything has been approved, we will send you the finished works of digital art. Anything you need printed, we can handle. All the strategies have been refined by this point and are ready to go.

With our best play ready to go, together we will streak down the court for the final [1] shot. We are the Pippen to your Jordan. Together, we poke holes in the defense of your competitors, zipping passes back and forth. We set a monster pick as you break free with the ball. The crowd lets out a gasp!

5. The Dunk
You take off from the top of the paint with a clear lane to the bucket. As you hang suspended in midair, you feel the pure joy of knowing that your business’s designs are showstoppers. All eyes are on you. The entire arena stands, wide-eyed. The moment comes to an end with a SLAM, as you bring the thunder down on the hoop, the ball shamefully whacking your competition in the face.

They’ve just been posterized.

Take a photo, frame it, and hang it in the lobby of your headquarters for all to see.

6. The Aftermath
Your competition is awe-struck by the skill and speed of your game. They scurry off the court to develop their own strategy. They fire the coach, and trade some players. They’re coming back for the next game of the series.

But we’ll be ready for them.

Just because a project reaches completion doesn’t mean our relationship with you does. We’ll be there long-term to grow your brand, your fan base, and your legend. The Hall of Fame is visible in the distance. We keep our eyes on it at all times.

Are you ready for the next level?